Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How To Search Apps in Windows 8 App Store

12:03 am

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windows 8 is windows latest Operating System which has been modified a lot by Microsoft. Thanks to Microsoft engineers they provide us such an amazing OS. windows 8 got a lot of changes from its ancestors, they provide a app support functionality like any Mobile OS that means you can run app like mobile in windows. Microsoft has provided App store for Windows 8. Although there are lesser apps because windows is on its earlier stages but after sometime we could see a lot of apps in its App store. Metro Store scanner claims that the Windows 8 Store now contains 35,971 apps and counting.

Windows App store is not like any traditional website. it just show you apps categories in Metro UI style, by selecting a category you can select any app you like to install on your Windows 8. But with metro UI style We got a problems of features like search bar, navigation etc.

Navigation are in a new way means they are in the form of categories, But the problem it there is not any search option in windows 8 App store. So how can you search any app in windows 8 App store. Here are the steps you can follow.
  1. Go To Start Menu.
  2. Start Typing the name of the App you want to search
  3. A search form will be appear and you will see various options below it.
  4. Select Store from the List and you will be able to search apps in windows 8 App Store   

You can Search Any app you like and enjoy windows 8 app store.
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