Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How To Update Your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch To IOS 6.1

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Yesterday Apple Comes with the update of its Mobile Operating System IOS 6.1 with a lot of great features like better SiRi and A better Support for Cellular Network. With this new update you can also buy movie tickets with the help of SiRi if you are in US. A better LTE support is also one of the amazing feature in the IOS 6.1, You can now connect in a better way with your Iphone. Apple says that an additional 36 networks will now be able to offer 4G for iPhones, and an additional 23 networks for iPads.

Now the Big question is how can you get this update. You don;t have to worry about that because Apple has provide you the OTA(Over The Air) service that means you can also update your mobile software without using iTunes. 

Your devices will show you the notification for the update from where you can update your device software but if it doesn't then you can also manually start the download. 

             Goto Setting> General > Software Update
             You device itself will check for the update and then show you the Install Option after clicking on it                      
             you don't need to do anything your device will do this for you.
             You may see the prompt to Continue after installing and rebooting your device will be ready with          
             the latest update

Other features that comes with IOS 6.1 are Advertising identifier update which will let you change your Advertising Identifier. Better iTunes match now user don't have to download entire music album he can download selected songs from iTunes Match. That means this apple update is really awesome. There still might be a lot of features that i might not be able to mention but you can find them out by update it in your Apple devices.

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