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How to use popsloader

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A popsloader is what is referred to by Sony as its PS1 emulator internally. It is used in playing any type of PS1 game on a PSP. The query here is that there are games that are capable of working better on different versions of the popsloader. This is because Sony only makes sure that games that are released on the PSN operate well. Fortunately though, there are a number of other known games that are unsupported and work when other games are fixed or added to them. On the other  hand, doing this may cause other operatins to be used.

Files needed

  • 3.80 M33 Popsloader (with the 3.90 M33 or 3.80)
  • 3.71 M33 Popsloader (with the 3.71 M33)
  •      PSAR Dumper
  •      Official Firmware3.00 to 3.11 versions
Creating needed files
  • PSAR Dumper should be extracted to the location X:PSPGAME.
  • Update needed to be added to the popsloader is also extracted to the X: and renamed EBOOT.PBP.
  • The ‘NEW PSAR DUMPER’ is started on the PSP.
  • The square is pressed.
  • After it has been completed, connect the PSP with the PC using the USB.
  • On the memory stick root, there will be a folder known as F0.
  • In regards to the type of firmware that is being decrypted, the files will need to change.
  • On the ‘my preference’ folder on the desktop, make a new folder and name it in whatever way appealing and not what it is for. Copy this file to a new folder and the firmware version # is added to it.
  • The EBOOT.PBP together with the F0 folder can now be deleted.
  • The above steps are carried out for every firmware needed to be added to the popsloader.
  • When all the firmware needed for encryption has been decrypted and PRX files remained, the seplugins folder is created on the PSP.
  • The seplugins folder is extracted to the root of the memory stick.
  • All PRX files created are copied to a folder known as popsloader.
Employing the popsloader
  • Turn the PSP off.
  • Turn the PSP on while holding down the R button.
  • The Recovery Menu will show up.
  • Go to Plug-ins option and enable the Popsloader.
How it is used
  • When the PSX game is starting after enabling the popsloader, there will be a menu popping up notifying the user which type of version is preferable. The chosen version will be utilized each time the game is started.
  • If the version is not working to required standards, restart the game but this time hold down the R button and choose again.
The Popsloader helps make the compatibility of the PSX games easier and faster. Not all games however are compatible with each popsloader.

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