Thursday, 10 January 2013

Instagram Metro UI Apps For windows 8

9:15 am

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Microsoft Windows 8 Metro UI has caught a lot of attention since it launched.  Its metro UI Gives an awesome design apps witch are really eye catching. There are a lots of apps in windows 8 app store for major services but still there are a lot of internet services for which there is not any official but still there are a lots of alternative for those services like Facebook or Facebook owned instagram. Instagram is a photo sharing website with no official app for windows 8 But still there are apps those will make this happen for you. Piktr and WinGram are the apps alternative for windows 8. These apps may not be best but these apps could provide you a great experience of running Instagram On your Windows 8 UI.

Piktr provides you a awesome Metro UI style to view your images on Instagram. It also give you ability to view your followers, Comments, Photo Stream Etc at just one place you just have to download this app form windows 8 app store and After Installation you will be asked to login. After login you can Enjoy Instagram.

 WinGram Is another Instagram App which will provide you a different type of metro UI. This App is Paid version. WinGram is available for windows 8 32 bit and 64 bit version. You can download app from App Store and Try Wingram.

These apps are really good to use Instagram for windows 8 Metro UI. Because the Time is gone we use browser in windows to use social networking websites because the time of Apps has come. Apps are Really good method and Easy way to stay connected.


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