Thursday, 3 January 2013

iPhone 6 News-may come in multiple colors and sizes

7:34 pm

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The news is good for Apple maniacs.Apple has started testing is new operating system iOS6.iPhone  6 will come out with iOS  7.But  the operating  system is in early beta  mode and  is under going tests.There is no exact  information on the  release of  iPhone6  but we may expect it  will  be either end of  Q1 or early Q2.

As per the  news iPhone6 will be having full  HD screen,better  camera and better user-interface.Apple may also release 128GB version of this device.As Samsung's Galaxy S4 may also come in 128GB version.It will be the first time when any smartphone will  have 128GB  under its belt.So,it will be interesting to see  who wins  the  race this time as Galaxy S4 is also expected to launch in April,2013.
Apart  from 128GB memory,Apple may release iPhone6 in different  colors and sizes.Rumors are Apple's iPhone6 will have  IGZO screen with retina  and  will come in  6-8 colors.Apple recently launched 5th generation  iPod in different colors.So,some analysts  are  expecting  that the same trend  will  continue in case of iPhones  also.Apple may offer this device in 3.5  inches-4.8 inches screen sizes.iPhone 6 will be powered by A7 quad-core processor.Apple  wants to attract buyers in Asian markets by small screen sizes and looking to impress European and American markets by larger displays.

Apart from above mentioned changes,the all new iPhone may not have any  home button  but  will be having fully  in-built gestures.The above rumors are based on reports of large number of analysts.May be all of them are not  true  but  certainly 128 GB variant and bigger screen is very much possible.
Apple does  give its  users something new  everytime ,it releases a  new device.Of-course iPhone has always been the most awaited gadget  among the smartphones lovers.Apple  never fails to impress people.So whether the rumors are true or  not, iPhone 6 is a smartphone  worth waiting for.    


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