Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Lenovo launches 27 inch tablet

7:18 pm

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What is the screen size of your tablet?Most of the people are having 7,9.7 or at most 10.1 inches tablet.But Lenovo has taken a big step that is likely to give tablet industry a big boost. Lenovo has launched a coffee table size tablet in CES on Sunday which is having 27 inches screen .Call it a PC,Tablet or SmartPC this is up to you.Here are some pics of this device from CES-2013-

The size is equivalent to 8 iPads put together and it weighs around 15 pounds same as flat TV in your home.
The tablet runs on Windows 8 and it can stand on a table.If you want,you can take it off the table and lay it down.You can enjoy games like monopoly.The screen size is big enough to accommodate 4 people around it.Moreover,it can respond to 10 fingers at a time.You can enjoy 'Air Hockey' also as this tablet comes with plastic strikers to play this game.Four joysticks are attached to screen to enjoy other multiplayer games.
This tablet is not available for sale and will be out n the market this summer.The price range of this product will start from $1699 which is not much considering the features of this device.
The gadget looks cool and everyone would want to own one.It is not the first time a company has produced such a massive screen sized tablet.Microsoft released 30-inch touch screen PC.Recently Sony released Tap 20 which is also a touch sensitive PC but both of these were not having table-oriented softwares like Lenovo's 27 inch Giant.Lenovo's idea seems interesting and this gadget received positive reviews for analysts.So,lets wait for summer to try our hands on this.Checkout the CNET's video of this device-


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