Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year's blogging goals for Gadget Maniac

6:19 pm

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First of all,Happy New Year to all the readers.May this year brings lots to happiness and all your wishes come true. Beginning of the year is also crucial for every blogger.It is the time for every blogger to review his blog and making new goals for upcoming year.We have set some goals for this blog also.
Google Page Rank 3-Currently we don't have any page rank.When we were on blogspot.we have PR1 but we were new to blogging and lost page rank while migrating to custom domain.We are hoping Gadget Maniac will have Google PR3 by the end of 2013.For this we are planning to do lots of guest posts.Guest posting is by the far the most effective way to gain valuable links and traffic for your blog.Commenting is also a useful way to get links.
Below 80,000 Alexa Rank-Some bloggers might not care about alexa ranking.But yet it is the most accurate parameter after PR to compare two blogs.Cueently our blog ranking is aroung 800K but hopefully it will be under 80K by the end of this year. Alexa ranking is determined by the traffic coming to your blog.If you want sudden increase in your blog's traffic then insttalling alexa toolbar will be ideal option.
Migration To WordPress-Our current blogging platform is blogger.But we will soon be migrated to Wordpress.Wordpress is more SEO friendly and easy to work with.WP require less coding compared to blogger.There are plugins for every thing.But still I feel,if someone is looking to start a blog then blogger is better option.As it is free and one can find out whether he is capable of running a blog.

2012 was a good year for us.We started blogging,migrated from blogspot to custom domain.We will try to achieve all our goals this year.Thanks for supporting our blog in 2012.Expecting the same from our loyal readers in 2013.


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