Tuesday, 15 January 2013

RIM's Portathon adds 15000 BB10 apps in two days

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RIM conducted portathon this weekend to add some apps to its new operating system-BlackBerry 10.It is interesting to know that BB10 will launch with zero users and developers don't like to develop apps for a platform that doesn't have a good user database.Since BB10 is designed right from the ground,it doesn't support any previous apps from BlackBerry app world.
RIM was offering $100 per app for any developer who can port his app to BB10 and get it approved.This Portathon lasted for 37.5 hours and RIM was successful to get 15,000 apps for BB10.The first 200 developer who ported 5-10 apps were given BB dev alpha device and first 10 developers who ported more than 10 apps were given paid trip to BB Jam Europe where BB10 will be launched on 30th January.
A tweet from Alex Saunders who is RIM's president for developer relations reads as below- 

"well there you have it. 37.5 hours in, we hit 15,000 apps for this portathon. Feel like I've run a marathon. Thanks to all the devs!"

The portathon was conducted in two phases-One was aimed at Android developers and the other one was for developers of rest platforms.RIM is facing big problem because of increasing android and iphone users.Developers prefer to develop apps for Android and iPhone users because users are more in these platforms and they can make more money there.
We will have to wait till 30th January to have a complete look on BB10 but you can have a look on some key features of BB10 in this video-   


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