Monday, 14 January 2013

Samsung sold over 100 million Galaxy S models

2:50 pm

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Electronics Giant Samsung has managed to sold over 100 million Galaxy S model since their first galaxy S model launch.The first Galaxy S which was launched in June 2010 and Samsung took only 2 years and 7 months to reach that big number.
Samsung sold 25 million units of its first Galaxy S flagship.Samsung was able to sold around 40 million units of S2. Galaxy S3 which is the most loved smart-phone among gadget lovers has hit 41 million mark.Galaxy S3 touched million mark in record 50 days and 30 million mark in just 5 months.
Samsung is cementing its dominance over Apple in Gadget war.Samsung's current smart-phone market share is 31.3% whereas Apple is having 20% share.The biggest reason behind this is-Samsung's smart-phones are available for every budget whereas Apple is lagging in this area.
Samsung is selling 500 handsets per minute and it reported $8.1 billion quarterly profit.Apple's iphone took 4 years after its launch to hit 100 million mark.First iPhone was launched in 2007 and in March 2011,Apple announced 100 million sales.Apple's iPhone 5 sales are declining these days and Galaxy S3 is selling at a faster pace.Accept this or not-Samsung is leading the gadget war.
People are eagerly waiting for Galaxy S4 now which is expected to release before this summer.  


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