Saturday, 26 January 2013

Top 5 running games for Android

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Running games are getting popular among Android gamers these days because they are simple and fun to play.You will find tons of running games on Plat Store.Finding the best among them is difficult,So I have made a list of Top 5 running games.You can download these running games easily from Play Store as they are all free and quite addictive.
1. Temple Run 2 -Imangi Studio has done a great job on this game.The game is more fun to play than Temple Run.It offers more than any other running game out there.You will find yourself running,sliding on ropes,traveling on train buggy to save yourself from a monster in the temple.The game has already 30 million downloads and still going on at a strong pace.
Download Temple Run 2  

2.Subway Surfer-The game is cool to play.It has more than 10 million downloads with an impressive 4.6 rating.Graphics are nice.You run to save yourself from a policeman and his dog after he catches you painting on trains.The power-ups are really amazing.You get jetpack so you can fly,there are super sneakers which enables you to jump over trains.Rest are coin-magnet and double multiplier.You can't stop playing this once you started.
Download Subway Surfer 

3.Temple Run- You will find this game on every Android and Apple device atleast before the launch of its sequel which ofcourse is at the top of the list.With more than 175 million downloads,this game has created history.Imangi has released some games before this but this has given them a new height.You keep running on a temple wall,collect coins.I think there is no need to describe this one as all Android fans play this.But still is someone has missed then download it and play.
Download Temple Run

4.Run like hell-This game is altogether different from other running games.The storyline is-you are lost on an island and some cannibals are chasing you.You run to save your life.There are 33 levels and three difficulty levels-easy,normal,hard.You have to slide,climb,string,jump and even crawl to survive.Music is fascinating,graphics are super cool.If you haven't tried this then I insist to play this now.
Download Run Like Hell

5.Rail Rush-This game takes you in a gold-mine on a train.You have to collect gold nuggets to unlock different characters and power-ups.Unlike other running games,this game's characters are having abilities to destroy obstacles coming in their way.You can equip your cart with things that can destroy obstacles.The game is yet another great game to play if you are fan of running games.
Download Rail Rush

 If you are already playing all of these then you know how good they are.But if you have missed any of these,just download that and play because they are all great and awesome time-killer.Tell us which running games you like?


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