Wednesday, 2 January 2013

why Don't you need an antivirus for Windows 8??

3:47 pm

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Windows 8 is one of the best windows Operating system, Windows has worked a lot on its system and made it compatible to apps that means you can run apps like any mobile on windows 8. The main point of fear about any operating system is its security or its prevention from any type of viruses, trojons, hacking etc that means there will always come a point in our minds that windows 8 is new there might be some security flaws in it.

If you think that true then this is wrong. Windows 8 comes with its own antivirus which is 'Microsoft security essential' to prevent you from any type of security flaws and Viruses.

Actually you can trust this because this is from Microsoft it self that means you don't need to worry about anything and also you don't need to buy any Paid Antivirus for Windows 8.

It will get its latest updates by itself with windows update so your don't even need to worry about that. If will help you to prevent your system from viruses.

Microsoft Security essential is also available for windows 7 and its on the top of free antivirus list. So you can use it and prevent your system from any type of viruses. But according to me i thing you don't need any type of antivirus for windows 8.



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