Sunday, 10 February 2013

12 years old kid launches Facebook for kids

2:25 pm

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Kids can't use facebook.The minimum requirement to join Facebook is 13 years.But now kids have an option-Grom Social.A social networking site created by a just 12 years old boy.And it is kids only.The site has been created by Zach Marks.

Zach Marks joined Facebook at the age of 11 and has around 680 friends on Facebook but a family friend noticed his profile and reported to his dad.He has to make a fake profile but that again came to his  parents notice.He had no choice but to quit Facebook.Zach agrees that he finds a lot of inappropriate content on Facebook.  
Grom is an Australian term that means a young individual eager to learning.To join the site children must sign  on  with their parents and if adults wants to join they must have kids.You are not allowed  to curse others or post inappropriate pictures.The site has 14,500 members till now.
Zach Marks didn't create the social networking site all by himself.His Dad's friend helped him.He borrowed $25,00 from him.The idea was his and  his siblings.It took a full one year hard-work to create Grom-Social.
This  is not a source to connect with your friends.Grom-Social offers some exciting features  which include video games,sports and entertainment news and useful tips  to stay healthy.It even includes tutors to help kids out with school and safety tips for kids who are staying home alone from school. Parents can get involved and create a parental account, available to people over the age of 16, to check up on their kids’ activity on the site.The site has its own apps and you can integrate your Instagram and twitter account with this social networking site which is good feature.
Zach Marks talked about his  social networking site in detail in an interview with CBS but  on asking   whether he is planning to join Facebook when he will be a teenager,he replied"I have no idea right now. Right now I'm having a lot of fun with Grom Social."


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