Wednesday, 13 February 2013

5 reasons you should jailbreak your iPhone

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Apple has the most advance operating system in the world having a lot of amazing features with its latest update to the IOS 6.X Apple has made a lot of significant features. After all these features there is a drawback that you can install apps from Apple iTunes Store, That means if you want to install apps outside iTunes then i feel sorry for you because it is impossible but if you want to do that you have to jailbreak your IOS first. Jailbreak is a process with the help of which you  can unlock all root of your OS in short you can make changes that IOS doesn't allow you. you are free from a lot of boundaries.

If you thinks that jailbreak is legal or not then you will be happy to hear that it is totally legal to jailbreak your iOS and jailbreak allows you to Unlock Features that Apple commonly doesn't allows you. You can enjoy a lot of amazing features from jailbreak your iPhone.

Opens Your Way To Cydia App Store

Cydia App store is an app store that lets you download apps for free. There are some developers who works free lancer and don't want to pay fees of iTunes Store. Cydia Store is for such type of developers.

Only after you jailbreak your iOS you will be able to download apps from Cydia app store and there are ar much better apps then Apple iTunes Store in Cydia App store.

iPhone as a Wi-fi Hotspot

You should have heard that with android you can make your Phone a Wi-Fi hotspot. You can download  this app and will be able to share your phone's 3G connection.

Custom Screen Theme Pack

Theme is everything for your phone, if you are bored from your default iPhone theme. You can download themes that are available for jailbreak IOS.

Enjoy Android Features

Android is open source and there are a lot of features like Swipe key app etc. When you jailbreak your iPhone you can enjoy these features on your iPhone by downloading alternative apps from Cydia App Store.

Access To A Lot of Amazing Features

Jailbreak lets you access settings those are not even shown to you. Like With Ipsum is an app that lets you swipe over notifications to make them go away without opening the app that generated the notification. It's perfect for people who like to keep a clear Notification Center.

Icatchu app makes takes your security to a next level. it will capture a photo of the person who will try to unlock you phone and will send you on the email. Really amazing feature.

Apple never allows you to jailbreak you phone because its access over the phone will be vanishes after you jailbreak your phone and with it security awareness document it always provide uses a warning that they shouldn't even think about jailbreak their Apple product but doesn't effect the rate of jailbreak iOS.


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