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6 must have office gadgets

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Why are office gadgets defined as must-haves? Because they are fun! The office environment is often such a cold, dry and sterile place. There is often very little outlet for people’s personalities and staff’s good moods. There is often very little opportunity for fun because the professional nature of their job restricts it. Yet office gadgets have the ability to add a little bit of fun into the office environment. The gadgets therefore become must-have items when they go from being fun, to being fun and useful. Sometimes the fun comes through nothing more than the novelty value of having a new toy, and sometimes an office workers new toy becomes an invaluable office tool. This article lists a few office gadgets that are useful, have a novelty value and are fun. In other words--here are a few must-have office gadgets.

The cubicle camera

This is a simple web cam that is disguised as something a little less obvious such as a pencil case or digital clock. Its primary aim is to keep watch over your cubicle whilst you are away. It records onto your computer so that you can keep and review the tapes at a later date.

The lockable USB drive

This is a USB drive that has a fold-over piece that covers the actual USB connector. The cover can be locked in place so that it may only be opened with a key or a code. The USB has a physical lock that people need to remove before they can actually get in and use the USB drive.

The leg spring exerciser

This has many names and you can see them all over shopping TV. They are devices that you put between your legs. They use a spring to keep your legs open and your goal is to repeatedly close your legs in order to work out your muscles. Ideally, it is a gadget for the ladies who are stuck at their desk for most of the working day. For some reason--most women of the world have a body that will store fat in the thighs and buttock before it will store it elsewhere. This device helps women to burn off this fat at their desk, so that their work life does not affect their feminine appearance.

The digital stop clock, timer and alarm

This is a device that acts as a clock, but also as a motivational tool. A good employee should plan his/her time down to the last minute. An employee can set this gadget so that it lets out an alarm sound at set intervals. The sound can be many things, from a bell chime to a squad car siren. The gadget helps to show the employee when their current task’s time is up. Not only will it ensure that they commence all of their tasks at the right time, it will also keep them abreast of whether they are working ahead of their daily schedule, or are working behind.

The mobile desk

This is a desk that looks a little like a chair on wheels, but it has a stem coming out of the front that comes up to hold what is reminiscent of a TV tray. The tray is angled so that it dips slightly towards the person seated on the chair. A laptop may be placed upon the tray because it does not require a power cable for it to be used. The person using the mobile desk may now roll around the uncarpeted floor of his or her office, whilst taking his or her laptop and work surface with him or her.

The electronic writing pen and flex-pad

This is a flexible pressure pad that attaches to your desktop computer via a USB cable. The pen is powered by a battery, and it allows you to write on the pad and have the drawing appear on the PC screen. It is very handy for writing down information that is hard to represent on word documents. For example there are many math and physics equations that sit on numerous levels, and they are hard to represent on a word document. The gadget also allows you to draw mind maps in a manner that is less uniform and stale than what you may be able to create on a word document.

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