Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Apple launches 128 GB iPad just before Microsoft's Surface Pro

4:11 pm

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Just before the launch of Microsoft's surface pro Apple has launched 128 GB version of its fourth generation iPad.Before this release,9.7 inches iPad was available in 16GB,32GB and 64 GB versions.If you are willing to buy 128GB iPad then you will have to pay $799 for Wi-Fi only model and $929 for Wi-Fi+LTE model which is not much seeing the massive storage capacity.
Microsoft's Surface Pro which is also scheduled to launch on this Saturday will come with 128 GB storage capacity but Microsoft has confirmed that only 83 GB will be available to users.The user available memory will be considerably high than surface pro.We are not sure but you can expect something around 102 GB.
Actually Surface pro and iPad are not competitors.They have their own key points and will likely have different types of consumers.Surface Pro will suit those businessmen who like lightweight gadgets.Surface Pro will run on Windows 8 pro and will run and perform similar to a Windows 8 laptop or notebook.Only difference will be a smaller screen and touch screen.With 4GB RAM and Intel i5 processor Surface Pro is indeed a stylish and must have office gadget.On the other hand iPad is not able to do all the things that Surface Pro can do but for people who are more into games,music,there is yet no alternative to Apple's iPad.With more than 300,000 iPad exclusive apps,it is a perfect tablet for heavy users.
So,the choice between iPad and Surface pro depends upon your need.But keep in mind that you will have to pay around $70 more than iPad to buy Surface Pro and another $120 to buy a keyboard.Which one will you choose?


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