Tuesday, 5 February 2013

BB10 to have the fastest browser

6:10 pm

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There was a time when BlackBerry phones were known to have a really bad browsing experience.They were meant to be for business people and when it comes to entertainment value or browsing experience,these phone suck.RIM has to correct those big flaws and they have done exactly that.They have raised the bar with top of notch browsing experience in their recently launched BB10 OS. Believe it or not,the default browser in BB10 is faster than any browser available in iOS,Android or Windows phone. Not only BlackBerry's default browser is the fastest out there,it also offers best HTML5 support.
This was justified by the tests conducted by people at tech2.com.They were given a Dev Alpha B device which was running on BB10 OS.The tests were conducted on stock browsers of iPad2 running the latest iOS 6.01,Samsung's Galaxy Nexus I9250 running on Jelly Bean,HTC 8X running on Windows 8.Apart from these Android's widely used browser Opera,Chrome and firefox were also included.The results were surprising.BB10's default browser topped 4 out of 6 tests.The scores(courtesy of tech2.com) are given below-

                                                  Read the full article at tech2.com
It is to be considered that BlackBerry10 is still undergoing some last touch ups and final device to be launched in 30 January 2013 will likely be faster than the current version.Customers in America will have to wait till 27th March to try their hands on Z10.BlackBerry has done a lot of hard work to make their latest OS comparable with Android or iOS.It will be interesting to see how people respond to BB10 and will BB10 save RIM?What do you think people?


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