Monday, 4 February 2013

BlackBerry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 920

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BlackBerry last hope to survive against its rivals BB10 and Z10 is here.We have already compared  Z10 with Samsung  Galaxy S3 and Apple's iPhone5 in our last post.This time we  will  be comparing Z10 against  Nokia's beast Lumia 920.Frankly speaking BlackBerry Z10 chances of   success against Lumia 920 are more than Galaxy S3 or  iPhone5 because Z10 doesn't even have 1/10th of apps comparede with Android or Apple.

Display-BlackBerry has provided a 4.2 inches capacitive LCD display in Z10.Screen resolution is 1280x768 giving pixel density of 356ppi which is quite impressive.
Nokia Lumia 920 on the other hand is having 4.5 inches IPS LCD display.Because of IPS Lumia920 is easier to use at angles.Screen resolution is same as Z10 1280x768  but pixel density is slightly less  332 ppi.

Winner-Lumia920 wins as it  is having bigger display and IPS LCD instead of LCD display in  BlackBerry Z10.Pixel  density is slightly  high in Z10 but you won't feel  much difference.

Processor-BlackBerry Z10 is powered by  Qual-comm dual core Snapdragon S4 processor clocked  at 1.5 GHz.The processor is powerful and will performgood seeing the 4.2 inches screen size.
Nokia Lumia 920 is having same processor as Z10 but because of its bigger  screen than Z10,BlackBerry Z10 will provide a smoother experience.
Winner-BlackBerry  Z10 overcomes Nokia Lumia 920 this time.

RAM-BlackBerry Z10 is having significant 2GB RAM which is enough to play  heavy games or do multi-tasking.
Nokia Lumia 920  disappoints here with just 1GB RAM.
Winner-Clear winner in this category is BlackBerry Z10.

Storage-BlackBerry's beast is running on 16GB internal memory and you can insert 64GB microSD also to a total capacity of 80 GB.
Nokia has provided 32GB internal memory but there is no slot for microSD card.
Winner-BlackBerry Z10 is winner.

Camera-A lot of  users want a powerful camera when paying for high end smart-phones.So,this is one area to watch out for smartphone manufacturers.BlackBerry has provided 8MP rear camera which is able to record full HD 1080p videos.Front camera is  2MP but can record  720p videos.
Nokia Lumia on the other hand  is having 8.7 MP rear and 1.3 MP front camera.But picture quality in Lumia is far better than Z10.You can refer this post to compare camera quality.

Battery-BlackBerry has put 1800 mAh Li-ion battery in Z10that will give a talk-time of 10 hrs and 30 minutes which is pretty  good for the device.
Nokia Lumia 920 comes with a non-removable Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery (BP-4GW) which can provide you a Talk-time of around 9 hrs and 30 minutes slightly less than BlackBerry Z10.
Winner-BlackBerry Z10  is winner as far as battery life is concerned.

Apps: BB10 is designed by blackberry from a totally different way so BB10 is with a less number of apps as compared to windows App store.There are around 70,000 apps on BlackBerry world.BB is encouraging devs to at the time of launch,it will have 100,000 apps.Lumia  now has around  150,000  apps.
Winner- Lumia 920 is winner.

Final Verdict: Both the Phones are best at their own because if you are going in the higher price range then each and every smartphone is with a Large HD display , A Great Camera(Both Front And Rear), A minimum of 10 hrs battery backup. But the Difference comes in the Shape and The Operating System. That's means This depends on your taste, Which phone you want to choose. But if i have to choose between these two phones i would rather prefer BlackBerry Z10 because reviews says that BB10 OS is the most Advanced Mobile OS till date and that what a smartphone Needed. So which one Do you prefer???


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