Friday, 15 February 2013

Firefox Metro UI App For Windows 8 : Firefox Nightly 21

11:31 am

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Firefox has released its web-browser for touch interface of windows RT and Windows 8 devices. This is not official release of the browser because currently it is available on FireFox nightly website which is well known for the testing website by Firefox which means that this version of Firefox is not stable there might be some bugs or errors in this version.  Only reason behind its launch is that Firefox can easily get the error or bug reports from the users. That means users who are using it are the one helping them to improve their product.

 Firefox is one of the leading web-browser for every platform, but due to past some time Firefox is not doing so well because chrome has now become one of the leading web-browser in the market.Really bad time for Firefox but now they have tried the windows touch app in Metro UI style but now Firefox is trying die-hard to get its crown back to him. This new version might help in getting its job done.

First of all you need to download a Appropriate version for your windows OS.


Now you can proceed to the installation face of the browser. You need to make this browser default if you want to launch it in the Metro UI mode otherwise whenever you will try to run this app you will get a desktop version.

User interface new Firefox is quite good, but i am not impress with its speed performance. One of its amazing feature is that whenever you type text in address bar. It always shows different search options on the speed dial. You just have to click on these option and the search will be made regarding your query. Page load time is better that its older version.

People this is not the final version. A lot of improvements still has to be made. So if you find any problem with your browser just report for it because ti can help them to improve their web-browser performance.


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