Thursday, 28 February 2013

Google to launch Google Glass this year

2:33 pm

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Google Glass is a gadget that people are eagerly waiting to try their hands on.The wait will end soon.Google has finally said something regarding the launch of this awesome gadget.Google confirmed the famous website-The Verge that it will ship  Google Glass by the end of this year.Moreover,the price will be kept low than $1500.Google has been offering the Glass to developers for $1500.But Google didn't reveal the actual price.
I don't think price will go much down.But Google Glass is something new and people will love to  buy such a gadget.That is why a false bid on ebay for Google  Glass got over $16,000 and it was removed recently.Google  glass is capable of taking pictures,recording videos,getting directions all by use of voice commands.You can connect to internet on the go.You don't even have to move your hands to do all  these.
Sergey Brin,the man behind Google Glass feels that cell phones are a nervous habit and people have become less sociable.They spend more time on their cell phones ignoring their surroundings.He believes that People wearing Google Glasses will pay more attention to their surroundings.He said-
Lastly, I realized I also have a nervous tic.The cell phone is a nervous habit. If I smoked, I'd probably smoke instead
It really opened by eyes to how much of my life I spent secluded away in email, social posts or what-not. There is nothing bad about that, but with this thing I don't have to be checking them all the time.
Hopefully,Google Glass will be out very soon and we will be able to experience thw beautiful world in a totally different way.Even if we have to pay $1500 for that.Who cares price while buying such an amazing device.Am I right?


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