Monday, 4 February 2013

How to download full movies on Android devices

12:54 pm

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Recently,I was looking for a nice way to download full movies on my Android.I was downloading full movies via torrent  clients  but it has its drawbacks.The first thing that I find annoying about torrents is-there are lots of fake torrents.Secondly,sometimes the movie quality mentioned in description is different and in actual file is different.I was desperately in need of alternative of torrents and luckily I found one.
Basically,this is not a tough task,you don't have to surf about tons of sites.All movies will be downloaded from YouTube itself.You don't have to search YouTube.The problem with downloading movies via YouTube was,you won't find movies in one part.The movies uploaded on YouTube was divided in 5-8 parts depending upon the length of the movie.I found the solution of this on playstore.
Movietube-It is a missing channel on Youtube and contains full movies in one part only.It provides movies in 14 lauguages including  English,French,Spanish,Hindi,Chinese,German etc.So,this app will be useful to all the Android users.

How it works?
1. Free movies on YouTube are discovered and shared to us by anonymous users.
2. High quality free movies are categorized and added to the movie gallery by our editors.
3. Movies of each language are sorted according to the number of likes it received.
4. User is encouraged to report to YouTube if an unauthorized movie is found, and we remove the link if confirmed.
1. Quality Control: All movies are fresh (2012~1990) ,hot, free, and in high quality.
2. Simple Interface: Swipe to find a free movie and click to watch.
3. Fast Content Loading Engine: smooth viewing experience.
The problem with movietube is you can  watch  movie in browser installed in your  android device or in  youtube app  but you can't download it.
Tubemate-This app is not available on Google Playstore but a lot of fake apps by its name are there.I would recommend you to stay away from them.They are all fake and don't work like the actual tubemate.Tubemate is an  app that lets you download any video from  youtube on your android device and in any resolution you want.

Downloading Full Movies-First open  movietube app and you  can sort movie by their language,genre.Then click on any movie you want to download.A pop-up window  will open with options like YouTube,browsers in your android,tubemate.Click on tubemate then the movie will open on tubemate.Click on green download button at the bottom and select the resolution you want to download.Downloading will start.If you want  to watch and not  download then you can choose YouTube or any browser to watch.One thing  is  to lookout for  while  downloading   full  movies is  when you can't download  full movie continuously or  your network breakdown and you have to restart tubemate then tubemate will ask you to clear cache files for faster downloading-don't click yes otherwise you have to download entire movie  from the beginning.
This is a better way than torrent as you can download movies compatible with your Android and it will consume less data than torrent.Only problem with movietube is you can't  search movies by  its  name which is a big flaw in good app but hopefully,developers will correct that soon.