Tuesday, 12 February 2013

iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S spotted at a Chinese supplier

11:16 pm

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The rumors regarding two latest iPhone models gain strength as both of these models were spotted at a Chinese supplier.Apple is doing some tests on these devices before their most anticipated  launch.Apple had a policy to launch one iPhone in one year but Android rivals mainly Samsung has force the Silicon-Valley giant to change its policy.

The higher model iPhone 6 will have a 5-inch screen.The iPhone 6 will be wider,lighter and thinner compared to its predecessor.However,the so called cheaper version of iPhone aka iPhone5S will have a 4 inch screen same as iPhone 4S and iPhone5.It also resembles to iPhone5 in thickness and weight also.There is no information on the price range of both the models. Apple increased the size of its  iPhone series with the launch of iPhone4S which was having a display of 4 inch.Now iPhone6 will come with 5 inch screen to compete with its Android rivals as most of the high-end Android phones are coming with 4.8  or 5 inches screen.  
It is interesting that two models were spotted just after a statement of Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak-
 “Currently we are in my opinion somewhat behind,” Wozniak told reporters. “Others have caught up. Samsung is a great competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products.”
iPhone6 will likely have the latest ARM7 processor which will be a lot faster than ARM6 processor  in iPhone5.Apple will use Retina+ display in iPhone6 which will be sharper than iPhone5.It will come in 128GB version also in addition to 16,32,64GB variants.It will make use of Sony's 13 MP camera unit.
Apart from the better specifications,Apple will likely to launch iPhone in multiple colors.Apple did that to iPod last year and response was great.
People will probably like a bigger screen iPhone with better processor and advance features.However,it will be interesting to see how people will respond to cheaper version of iPhone and to multiple colors as this will be something new to people.


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