Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kairosoft's Pocket Stables Review

1:32 pm

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Those people who love to play simulation games are big fans of Kairosoft games.Kairosoft has established a name for itself in simulation games industry.All of its games are a hit among Apple and Android users.I have been eagerly waiting for a sports simulation from Kairosoft.The last sports simulation from Kairosoft was Pocket League Story and since then Kairosoft has been concentrating on building games.But Kairosoft has finally released a sports simulation game for Android users-Pocket Stables.

Pocket stables is easily one of the best Kairosoft games so far.In this game you have to manage a ranch.You are given $5000 at the begining which is god enough and you will never run out of money.You begin with buying a horse.There are only two types of horse-Northerner and Chateau.When you buy horses,they are not of that quality.But you can breed horses when they old.You can cross breed them also.Horses produced after breeding are of much better quality.

You compete in higher level horse races after winning in lower races.After each win,the level of your horse increases.You participate in some local races time to time to win handsome money and valuable items.You train your horses to raise their stats.

The game is really fun.The graphics are cool.But the best think about the game is you have to think harder than any of the previous Kairosoft's Games.Strategy matters a lot in this horseracing simulation games as all of your horses will start as newcomer and their performance will start diminishing after 4 years.So,you have to make your horse win the ultimate Triple Crown race in within 4-5 years which I found is a hard thing to do.This is not possible until you breed your horse and give them some really hard training.The pace of the game is good.You will never get bore playing the game.Infact,as the game proceeds,it gets more exciting because you will get better horses.In my opinion it is in the Top3 games by Kairosoft.Are you enjoying the game?If not get it from Google PlayStore right now.


  1. You are right very right. This game is definitely in the top three for sure. The breeding to make your houses better is the best part about it.

    I was hoping to get some breeding tips or ideas from what people have tried so far.

    What type horses have you bred together?