Monday, 25 February 2013

Mozilla to launch its own Firefox OS this year

3:33 pm

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Very soon Google and Apple will have another rival in smartphone industry.Mozilla,the makers of famous browser Firefox are working on their new Firefox OS.Firefox has already signed the deal with 13 major service providers which include Spain's Telefonica, China Unicom and America Movil.Mozilla has signed deal with some smartphones brands like South Korea's LG , China's ZTE and Huawei. 
Mozilla's new OS will be open source like Google's Android.It will be light and will require very less hardware specifications than its rivals Android,Apple,BlackBerry and Nokia.Another interesting fact regarding the OS is,it is based on HTML5.So,anyone who is having knowledge of web designing can easily develop the apps for this platform.  
Mozilla will show some of  the devices running on Firefox OS in mobile world Congress this week.Since the OS is open source,So developers will be able to sell their apps without sharing their revenue with anyone  else.In Android and iOS developers have to share some share with Google and Apple also.
Mozilla's senior vice president of products, Jay Sullivan said-

There's a strategic imperative for the industry to have another OS that really is open and supports choice and competition
However,it will not be a easy task for Mozilla to compete with dominant player of smartphone market-Apple and Android.BlackBerry and Nokia are trying to do the same for years without much success.I don't think smart-phone market needs another OS now.Even recently launched BB10 has not received much success and sales of BlackBerry Z10 are below expectations.
If, Mozilla wants to make their OS  a success then they will have to encourage app developers.It will be good if Firefox OS has all the popular  apps available at the time of launch.One thing that favors Firefox OS  is its less hardware requirements.Because of  this devices running on Firefox OS will be a lot cheaper than its future rivals.But now its too early to predict the future of Firefox OS.We will have to wait till June to try our hands on this OS.The first phones will be available this summer in Brazil, Columbia, Poland, Venezuela, Serbia and Spain.What  do you  think of this move by Mozilla.      


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