Saturday, 23 February 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 won't have Exynos and AMOLED(RUMOR)

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As the rumored launch date(14th March) of Samsung's next flagship Galaxy S4 is approaching near,the more interesting rumors regarding the device are coming.But this rumor is particularly note-worthy.The rumors are coming from trusted source of Samsung's news SamMobile.As per these rumors Samsung Galaxy S4 won't have Exynos processor and AMOLED display as suggested by previous rumors.
Samsung has given Exynos processor in its all Galaxy S series smart-phones.Exynos processor are built by Samsung itself.Samsung has preferred Exynos because it doesn't have to depend upon other chip providers for its most important Galaxy S series smartphones.However,Samsung is facing some major heating issue with Exynos Octa processor, if you believe the rumors.So,Samsung has decided to switch to QualComm Snapdragon 600 chipset.Snapdragon 600 processor will be cloaked at 1.9 GHz.QualComm is also known for its superior performance.Recently launched,HTC One is also powered by same chipset.But HTC One is having 1.7 GHz processor which is slightly slower than Samsung Galaxy S4.  
AMOLED is not there because Samsung is facing some production problems of AMOLED displays.Rumors suggest,S4 will have a SoLux display.What is Solux?we don't know but it is some kind of LCD display.We will get to know Solux after the launch of Galaxy S4.
Apart from these,Galaxy S4 will be able to take 360 degree panorama shots with its 13MP camera.ALso,it will have aluminum body which I think is a good move by Samsung.Samsung Galaxy S3 feels like plastic when holding it.Aluminum body will provide it a premium touch.
We can't take the rumors for granted but as they are coming right from Sammobile,we can expect the rumors will come out true.What are you expecting in Samsung Galaxy S4?


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