Thursday, 14 February 2013

Where to sell your blog?

12:39 pm

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You have been blogging for years.You have done all the hard work on your blog.But now you are unable to run your blog.I have seen many people who quit blogging without cashing in their blog.If  you are unable to  provide some time to your blog,it is better to sell it rather than leaving it as it is.Do you want your blog dead?May be your blog was a matter of pride and passion for you sometime back.It is better to handover to some responsible blogger.There are lots of market places to sell your blog that I will be discussing in this post.
But first,I want to clear a misconception among some newbie bloggers.When people start blogging,they got really excited after reading some stories like-how I sold my blog for $10,000 after 4 months of  blogging etc.They are all professional bloggers.They have been blogging for years.It will take some time for your blog to reach such a value.Coming back to the topic,there are lots of sites where you can list your blog for  sale.Some are free and some are paid.But according to me,only three of them are effective. is the definitely the best place to sell your blog.The best thing about flippa is you will find good number of potential buyers there.First,you will have to list your website or blog on flippa by  paying listing fees which will vary from blog to blog.It is around $50.After that you will have to set a selling price.People will start biding.After you accept a bid,you will to pay success fee to flippa which will be around 5-15% of your blog's selling price.But you will likely get more money than your expectations and if you are in a hurry to sell your blog then flippa is for you. is another useful marketplace thatis dedicated to selling and buying of blogs.The number  of potential buyers are less than flippa but if you are in search of a cheaper option to sell your blog  then you will love websitebroker.The listing fee  is$9.95 for 90 days.You can pay extra $20 for premium listing.This site is worth tryingif you don't want to use Flipaa.
3.Digital Point-It is a forum.But it has a thread that is dedicated to buying and selling websites. The good thing about this-it is free to use.You will likely find some serious buyers there.But it will take time to sell your blog on this forum.I would recommend this only if you don't want to spend any money and you are not in a hurry to sell your blog or website.
If you are planning to sell your blog then it is important to set price as  per your blog's  revenue.Blog's revenue is the first thing that every buyer will check.It is more important than Google PR when it comes to selling the blog.The selling price should be1-2 times the blog's yearly revenue.Have you ever sold a blog before?Please let us know in the comment section below. 


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