Thursday, 21 February 2013

Yahoo teams up with Facebook to revamp

7:27 pm

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The second famous search engine Yahoo has finally teamed up with Social Networking site Facebook for its long awaited revamp.The revamp is being done under Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer who joined Yahoo after quitting Google.Yahoo will provide users to login with their Facebook account and let users access to content shared by their Facebook friends.People will be able to see the news and videos shared by their Facebook friends.  
It is note worthy that Yahoo is facing huge decline in its revenue over the past few years.It is facing some serious competition from the likes of Google.The revamp will provide the search engine a more socialistic look probably this is what Yahoo needs right now.The revamp will be followed by launch of Yahoo's mobile applications.
Yahoo is also planning to redesign its popular yahoomail.Yahoomail is likely to receive some social touch also.Yahoo's total revenue in 2012 was just $5 billion while in 2008 it was some $7.6 billion.Google and Facebook has steal the major portion of advertisement revenue from Yahoo.However,Marissa Mayer played a big role in Google's success and she might succeed to do the same with Yahoo.
The revamp will start rolling out from US.Marissa Mayor said on Yahoo Revamp-
We wanted it to be familiar but also wanted it to embrace some of the modern paradigms of the Web
She also said-
One thing that I really like is this very personalized newsfeed; it's infinite and you can go on scrolling forever
People might like infinite news feed.I personally think,this step from Yahoo can be a major turn around for the company.People like to get social and it will help Yahoo to boost advertising revenue.Though it will take some time to make the new Yahoo available all over the world.Let's see how this revamp turns out?What do think people?


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