Saturday, 2 March 2013

How to reduce your Android's brightness below minimum level

3:36 pm

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I have a habit to maintain my Android's phone brightness to its minimum level.It is not only pleasant to eyes but results in improving battery life.As most of the Android devices has poor or average battery life.So,sometimes it is useful to set your Android life to minimum possible.Recently,I was looking to find a way so that I can reduce my Android's brightness below its minimum level.Fortunately,I found one.

There is an app in Google PlayStore- Screen Filter.Screen Filter enables you to reduce your phone brightness even below its minimum level.You can even reduce it to absolute zero.You won't be able to see anything when you set it to zero.I use to surf a lot till late nights.This is where this app is  extremely useful because when you switch off all the lights in your room even your Android's minimum brightness level can be annoying.You may start feeling pain in eyes.Screen Filter is a solution for that.
The app is extremely easy to use.Just open the app,set your desired brightness level and enable screen filter.You can see how your text will look below your brightness setting.You may place a widget on your home screen for easy access to this app.
But I didn't find any improvement in my battery life when this app was enabled.So if you are going to install this app just to increase your battery life then you won't get any results.But if you are among those Android users who love to surf or gaming at night like me then you will love the app.Just download it and tell us whether you like it or not.
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